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I give permission for my child to attend the above Gymnastics/Trampolining/Freestyle Gymnastics course understanding that Gymnastics/Trampolining/Freestyle Gymnastics is a potentially dangerous sport and are aware of the dress & behaviour code for the children


For Gymnastics children are to work with bare feet (socks for when trampolines are in use). Long hair tied back neatly. No jewellery is to be worn during the sessions. Boys can wear a T-shirt and shorts/tracksuit bottoms, not loose or baggy. Girls can wear the same or Leotards are suitable for Gymnastics & Trampolining (not bikini). Long sleeved tops are sometimes preferred for Trampolining for the practise of front drops etc.


As Gymnastics/Trampolining/ Freestyle Gymnastics is a potentially a dangerous sport we cannot allow disruptive behaviour during our sessions. Disruptive behaviour may distract others and cause an accident/incident. If your child disrupts the session and continues to do so after receiving warnings, is endangering themselves or others they will be asked to sit out & miss part of the session. If this behaviour continues your child will no longer be allowed to continue the sessions.


Sessions must be paid for in advance for Insurance to be valid.