Competition Information

As we would usually be practicing for our Annual ACE Gymnastics Competition about now we have decided to run a Competition via Video. Hopefully giving children something different to focus on for a little while. Medals & Certificates will be delivered to the Gold, Silver & Bronze position in each Age Group. All participants will be emailed a PDF Certificate that can be printed at home.



Each routine will have to have a minimum of 5 Floor skills, maximum of 8 skills- focusing on quality of skill rather than difficulty for safety reasons!! The highest scoring 5 skills will count.

The routine will be judged-

  • Firstly upon how well each individual skill is performed
  • How well each skill is linked together
  • Fluency or Tempo of the routine (try not to be stop start, doing hair/adjusting clothing!)


Skills must include a jump or leap, roll, a balance (in any order) the rest of the gymnastics skills are to be chosen by the Gymnast.


The closing date for videos to be sent will be be Sun 7th June.  Please send via Whatsapp 07812585098 or Messenger to the ACE Coaching Facebook page please –

Please film in a safe area with plenty of space & for your child to perform skills you are confident they can do safely.

The winners will be announced by Wednesday 10th June 2020


Best Wishes Adam & Team