Competition Information

On Sunday 26th June 2022 our annual ACE Gymnastics competition will take place at Evolve Gymnastics Academy, Fenside Road, Wythenshawe, Manchester M22 4WZ

The competition will have a relaxed atmosphere and the children will get chance to have a go on some of the other equipment in the facility.The competition will start at 3pm and we will aim to finish approx 5pm. (Please be aware competitions often run over!) The cost of the competition is £8 entry fee per competitor ideally to be paid via the website.

Competitors may wear leotard or Plain / ACE T shirt & shorts or leggings and have bare feet. Hair MUST be tied back and NO jewellery worn.

Families are welcome to come and watch as there is a large viewing area upstairs.

We hope to see as many competitors there as possible as the afternoon will be an enjoyable and worthwhile experience.

They will compete on Floor and Vault.

This may help them with constructing a Floor routine –

4-7 Years 4 to 6 skills including a jump, roll, a balance and their favourite move/s. (in any order)

8 years + 4 to 8 skills including a jump, roll, a balance & their favourite move/s. (in any order)

Gymnasts from our Tumbling class or that train 2 hours or more a week 6 to 10 moves. To include forwards element eg. Fwd roll/handspring, a backwards element eg. Bwds roll/backwards walkover, a sidewards element eg. Cartwheel and a balance or strength element.


The routines will be judged on Difficulty of skill, Execution (how well the skill is performed) and how well skills are Linked together.

To enter please do so via our book online page on the website.

If you need any more info let me know!