Curriculum & Afterschool Classes

With over 12 years of School Sports experience and a vast database of lesson plans ACE Coaching provides quality coaching, specific to each year group.

ACE Coaching currently offers 5 types of School classes:-

Morning Clubs

Gymnastics, Strength & Conditioning, Boxercise and Fun Fitness from 30 mins to 1hr sessions available.


Organised Sports & Fitness Activities.

Enrichment Sessions

Gymnastics, Strength & Conditioning, Boxing (KS 2-4 only) and Fun Fitness, all catered to schools/groups particular needs.

Curriculum Lessons

Gymnastics,Strength & Conditioning, Boxing (ABA Award scheme), Trampolining (High Schools only) and Fun Fitness. All with progressive lesson plans, so as to challenge every ability level and keep all engaged. With end of term assessments available.

Afterschool Clubs

Gymnastics, Boxing, Strength & Conditioning & Fun Fitness. Boxing Afterschool clubs follow the ABA award scheme, for details click this link-  Gymnastics Afterschool clubs either run from half-termly progressive lesson plans or run all year round with annual displays and follow the ACE Coaching certification scheme.

To BOOK your child into a club already running at your Childs’ school please select from our Schedule.