Our ethos for Recreational Classes are Safety, Fun and Progression. Which makes for a class that has each child enthused from start to finish.

The Classes follow a certification scheme and we have an annual competition for the children of over 7yrs to compete in if they choose. There is also an annual Gymnastics display performed by the children, with the occasional coach participation!

As a Sports Coaching Company we have a responsibility to for each child’s development, therefore we have links with competitive gymnastics clubs. Our main link is with South Manchester Gymnastics Club where we have sent many of our promising Gymnasts who are now competing nationally.

Classes Available

Waiting List in place for the Wednesday & Saturday Classes only


Wednesday Evenings Hazel Grove Sports Centre,
(Hazel Grove High School)
Jacksons Lane, Stockport SK7 5JX


7pm-8pm (Tumbling Focused)
5-8 Years Old (can start at 4 years old only when they have done a full term of school)

8-11 years old

11 Years + (Gymnasts younger than 11 may attend but only if deemed mature enough and showing great talent that they don’t wish to pursue as their full time sport) (PLACES GIVEN BY TRIAL ONLY)
Short Waiting List

Short Waiting List

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Thursday Evenings Dialstone Recreation Centre
The Curzon Building,
Offerton High School, The Fairway, Offerton,
Stockport SK2 5DS

5- 7 years

8 to 16 years old
Places available BOOK NOW !!!

Places available Book now !!!
Class can be done £5 Pay as You Go
Saturday Mornings Bramhall Recreation Centre,
Seal Rd, Bramhall

4 to 8 years old (can start at 4 years old only when they have done a full term of school)
8 to 16 years old
Short Waiting ListShort Waiting List

The Classes work out at £5 per session and are paid for Half-Termly.

For more information on any of the classes please email Adam.
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